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Q - Where do you buy your used sports gear?

A - People bring us the gear they no longer need, whether it was outgrown, replaced or just not used anymore, and we give them cash.

Q - Do you do trades?

A- Absolutely. In fact, we offer 20% more on the gear we buy from you if you use it in our store.

Q - How much can I expect to get for my gear?

A - It very much depends on condition and expected demand, but in general we offer about half of what we think we can sell it for.

Q - How much time does it take to sell you my gear?

A - We do our best to make you an offer within a few minutes, depending on quantity and how many other customers are ahead of you. Sometimes it may take longer, in which case we are happy to call you when we’re done.

Q - How do I get my money?

A - We pay cash on the spot. Large offers are paid by company check.

Q - Do you sell new equipment?

A - We do carry some new equipment, especially accessories that wouldn’t normally be bought used such as tape or mouth guards. We try to make sure we have anything you might need.

Q - Do you buy gear even if it’s not in season?

A - Yes we do. There is no offseason with Replay Sports Gear, which means you can get top dollar for your gear, regardless of the time of year.

Q - What is your return policy?

A - We accept returns up to 7 days after purchase with original receipt, but do our best to make returns and exchanges easy on you. If you're a few days over the 7 day policy, don't sweat it, we'll work with you to ensure you leave happy.

Q - Do you buy sports apparel?

A - Yes, we buy practice jerseys, shorts, baseball and football pants, and assorted sports-related shirts.

Q - What time do you buy product?

A - We buy product during all store hours, although gear brought in close to closing time may be processed the following day. The best time to bring in your gear is first thing after we open.

Q - Are you currently hiring?

A - Click here for more.